Marketa Finkova on a ski trip

The first one on the right is my mother, Marketa Finkova, and I don't know who the lady beside her is. I don't know where the photo was taken. I used to go on vacations with my parents. Once, when I was in the first grade, my mother and I went during the winter holidays to the Tatras. Concretely, we were in Tatranska Lomnica, skiing. My mother also skied, and skied very well. My father didn't have time for such things. Otherwise my mother and I used to go visit my grandmother in Mestec. We also used to go a little ways outside of Prague to Radejovice. We had a place rented there, and my father would come in the evening, because it was a suburb of Prague and today it's part of the city. Back then it was still a village in the forest. So we used to go on vacations like this as well. We also drove around the region surrounding Prague, to Karlstein, to St. John's Currents to swim. While we still could, before they took our car [because of the Anti-Jewish laws in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia] we went on trips and then, when we couldn't have the car any more, we stopped.