Harry Fink with this friend Doda Franta

I'm sitting on the ground and sitting beside me on the bicycle is my friend Doda Franta. The picture was taken somewhere in Prague in the 1930s. I had a lot of friends. One of the two better ones was Tomik Eisner, they had a store in that building of ours. Mr. Eisner split up that huge courtyard and built a hall there. He had women's clothing there. I still remember their slogan: 'Slim mother, husky daughter, both wear clothes from Eisner.' The Eisners lived on Panska Street, which was just around the corner. I don't remember the name of my second friend. They used to live in Dejvice, and when we wanted to meet up, that was like going to the ends of the earth. We used to go skating on the Vltava and sledding to the Angel Garden, to Hrdlorezy. In the summer we used to do all sorts of sports activities, but I didn't excel in any sport.