Matias, Harry Fink's stepson

In this picture you can see my stepson Matias. The photograph was taken at Christmastime around the year 2000 in our apartment in Carlsbad. My stepsons Tomas and Matias went to school in Slavkov. Matias graduated from vocational school in Pilsen. Matias doesn't have a university education. He went to work in construction, where he worked with telemetry and control systems technology. He also started his own telemetry, control systems and air-conditioning company. We have a very good relationship with Matias' children from his first marriage, we used to see them a lot. He's also got two children from his second marriage, but we don't see them at all anymore, because he's getting divorced and she moved to Semily, and it's a rare event when he goes there for the children and comes over with them. For him a family visit means a thousand kilometers. And he's got them from Friday after lunch and on Sunday he drives them back. So we hardly see them any more.