Alica Gazikova with Zigmund Diamant

Alica Gazikova with Zigmund Diamant
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The picture shows me, Alica Gazikova, and my childhood friend Zigo (Zigmund) Diamant in Netanya, Israel.

My father owned a store, several warehouses and a mill, together with his partner, Mr. Moric Diamant. Mr. Moric Diamant had a very unusual relationship with my father. They weren't related, they were only friends. We shared everything with the Diamants. The store was shared, the house was shared. Everything was shared, like for example coal, wood... Everyone took what groceries they needed from the store. Simply put, perhaps not even the best family lived like we did. We had everything half and half. The Diamants had three children: two daughters, Gerta and Liana, and a son, Zigmund.

Zigo Diamant was a very good friend of mine. We were friends from childhood and were better friends than when two girls or two boys are friends. He lived in the same house and we had a huge garden, and he was this 'thinker-upper'. He was always thinking something up. Even though his parents were quite religious, Zigo was modern. He liked hiking and camping. He could draw very well. After World War II he went to Banska Stiavnice to study at a school specializing in the timber industry. In 1949, after he graduated, their entire family emigrated to Israel. There he got a university education. In Tel Aviv he had an office with another friend, originally I think from Austria. They were interior architects and mostly did the interior design of buildings. For example they also worked on the Tel Aviv airport. Today he lives in Netanya, near the sea.

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Interviewee: Alica Gazikova
Korcok M. & Pokreis B.
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Bratislava, Slovakia


Zigmund Diamant
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Office clerk
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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
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