Alica Gazikova with a bouquet

The photograph was taken in Pezinok in the year 1935 and shows me, Alica Gazikova. When I was already attending school, my mother signed me up for piano lessons. I plinked, I plunked, but besides taking piano lessons, it was also necessary to practice. During the summer and fall everything was fine. My musical successes weren't above average, but beginnings were the same with everyone, so I didn't really stick out much in any negative fashion. As much as our piano stood in the dining room, which wasn't heated, and heating it just because of my playing the piano would have been exceptionally unprofitable, my musical career was put to an end. Miss Mikulikova was so angry at me, that when after the termination of our teacher-student relationship I met her on the street and said ?hello ma'am" she didn't answer and sailed off in front of me, with her chin in the air.