Albert Gazik and Alica Gazikova on a holiday in Spain

The picture was taken during a holiday my husband and I went on in Spain, in 1995. It shows my husband, Albert Gazik and me, Alica Gazikova. We felt great there. My husband was even diving into the water from a dock, and I was afraid that he'd drown, because the waves were so huge. We moved to Bratislava in August 1967. My husband worked at the head office of the Prior department store chain until he retired. As a pensioner he then worked in the administration of the Jewish Religious Community in Bratislava at 18 Kozej Street. For example he took care of kosher meat and its distribution. He issued documents when someone died and so on. He worked there until his death in the year 1995. He died suddenly. Early one afternoon he returned home from work, that he'd still have to take something to the post office. I quickly dressed and ran down, saying that I'd accompany him and on the way we'd stop off for some groceries. All of a sudden he got bleeding in the brain, from which he died at the hospital a few days later. He's buried at the Jewish cemetery in Bratislava.