Arnold Adler with his daughter Alica Gazikova

This picture was taken in Luhacovice in the year 1948. It shows me, Alica Gazikova, and my father Arnold Adler. My father, if I'm to be objective, as far as is possible, was the most fantastic person. I loved him terribly. He was very just. He had not even a speck of animosity in him. He was very tolerant and kind-hearted. I can't tell you anything specific about his political opinions. I do know, though, that my father was the only one of his siblings who didn't serve in the army. Because he took care of supplying the army, he was exempted from army service. After the war, my parents once again began to do business in the store, together with their partner, Mr. Diamant. It was more or less distribution, for example of flour and sugar. We had warehouse space and so began to supply smaller stores with goods, flour, sugar and so on. They rented vehicles and that's how the goods were distributed. Later they nationalized it and in its place opened a Mototechna. My father then worked in it.