Alica Gazikova with her best friend Magda Gross

On the photograph I'm with my best friend Magda Gross, at that time still named Sproncova, on vacation in Luhacovice. Magda is the taller one, I, Alica Gazikova, am standing beside her. My best friend was named Magda Sproncova, now Gross. She lives in Israel, in Haifa. I keep in touch with her via letters and the phone. I also went to visit her, and by coincidence she had married a Pezinokian, who she maybe didn't even know before. He left for Israel with his parents already in 1939. She went there in 1949, first she was in a kibbutz for a year and then her parents and brother also arrived and he lives there to this day. Their parents have already died, but her brother still lives there.