Paul and Jeanne Abravanel

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Paul Abravanel, who is pictured here with his wife Jeanne, was my huband Leo Abravanel’s brother. The photo was taken in 1919, but I don’t know where.

Paul was honorary vice consul of Spain in Thessaloniki. Then he went off to Switzerland. He met his futere wife Jeanne there. He was a tall, handsome man and she was so thin, so delicate. A petite, likable lady. I only know one of their sons, Eve, a sweet, happy and smiling kid. 

As a family they had a lot of money and he inherited a hotel in Beaulieu between Nice and Monte Carlo. This hotel was Jeanne’s dowry. A huge two-story hotel with a swimming pool and two hundred people for personnel. When Leo and I visited the hotel, we could see the water falling like waterfalls. The hotel started in the mountains and ended by the sea. 

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Interjúalany: Eugenia Abravanel
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Valia Kravva
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Thessaloniki, Greece


Paul Abravanel
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Ottoman Empire
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after WW II
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vice consul of Spain in Thessaloniki
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