Alberto Abravanel and his wife Bella

This is Alberto Abravanel, my husband’s brother, holding his wife Bella. The photo was taken in Vienna, Austria, in 1920. 

I remember Bella was talking in Ladino but never in front of me because I could not understand a word. Bella and Alberto had four children: Gaston, who died at Hirsch hospital, Zermain, Jackos - named after his grandfather - and Lilika. 

Before the occupation Bella was very fat so she went with her husband to Austria for some spa theraphy to lose weight. My father-in-law had gone with them. During the occupation they went to hide in Athens. After the war they emigrated to Israel. We kept some letter contact. Lilika was sending me recipes taken from the Israeli cuisine. 

Bella died first and then her husband passed away. I remember when I heard about her death I was so upset. I sent to Lilika a bouquet of flowers. Both Bella and Alberto were kind and sweet people, always smiling.