Solomon Abravanel dressed as Queen Esther


In this photo Solomon Abravanel, my husband’s younger brother, is dressed up as Queen Esther for a theatrical play at school. The picture was taken in Salonica in the 1920s.

Solomon was very sweet and kind-hearted and we used to call him Monis, from Solomonicos, meaning little Solomon. He was very active and when he was young he used to play tennis all the time. He was really close to his sister Marie. He moved before the World War II to France and he opened a boutique with clothes. He stayed there and met some modelist named Andre. When we went to France, me and my husband Leo, he had a small industry with forty machines and earned a lot of money. When Marie went to France they met by chance on the street and fell into each others arms. A very touching incident to recall.

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Eugenia Abravanel