Shaya Detinko with party comrades

Shaya Detinko with party comrades

First from the left at the table in an armchair with crossed legs is my husband Shaya, when he was the rector of Higher Communist University. He is depicted with his comrades at work.

That photo was made in 1935.

Second from the right at the table holding a sheet of a paper is Yuri Repin, a friend of my husband. I remember him well. He came to us, and told me that he hid this photo so that it couldn't be found among his papers, because Detinko, my husband, had been arrested.

I remember from the stories of my husband that the Repins were very honest people.

They could not have betrayed him, it just couldn't be. All of them were convinced communists and lived with permanent fear that they would be living today, and tomorrow they would be in a prison camp.

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