Haya Lea Kats' mother with Haya's brother Aron

Haya Lea Kats' mother with Haya's brother Aron

On this amateur snapshot is my Mum in 1935 at the age of 38 and my brother Aron. It was redone in Israel for me, so that I could have some memory of my folks.

This was in a resort in Zakopane in Poland. They are dressed in the Polish style. The handsome brother, the beautiful mum, wearing a nice dress. Brother has such short trousers on, called breeches - that was the fashion then, and a cap on his head.

My mother Pesya-Mindlya Pinkhas-Leibovna Kats was born in 1897 in Rovno district. She was illiterate but raised four highly literate children. Mother was executed in Rovno in 1941 at the age of 44.

We had no housemaids. I liked to help Mum around the house. And when she baked, I loved to help, so everyone ate kosher and tasty food.

My brother also helped Mum. I washed the floors, and brother Aron worked them with floor-polish, there was such a manual brush to gloss the wooden floor.

And our elder sister Hava was not distracted by home work, because she already was a bride and was to finish the grammar school.
The youngest Bella was too small at that time.

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