Haya Lea Kats with her friends

Haya Lea Kats with her friends

In this photo you see us walking in Rovno after a meeting in "Hahamer Hazair" in 1936.

I am the second from the right. First from the right is Gisya Pishaleva, my friend.

We lived in the same house. Her parents rented a two-room apartment in our house.

Third on the right is Hana Bokser. Hana is dressed in the uniform, which we all used to wear-- a grey shirt with pockets, a dark blue skirt. But Gisya and I are wearing dresses.

I was given this photo by Gisya in Israel. It was redone from her picture. And I do not remember the girl at the left.

We enjoyed life, even though we were very poor-- at first-- and I sometimes lacked money to pay member duties to my organization. So I decided to offer my services to Jewish families as a teacher.

I already was in senior classes, I taught lessons to younger schoolchildren. I received about 5 zloty for it, quite a small sum, but I earned my own money, and I didn't have to borrow from parents.

Those duties were called, "keren kayemet", and we collected money from the people too, for the help to Israel. Everyone was assigned a district, where he was to collect cash. People paid well. They all were listed in special registers and paid well.

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