Haya Lea Kats with Gisya Pishaleva

Haya Lea Kats with Gisya Pishaleva

This is me with Gisya Pishaleva in 1937 in Rovno in a photo studio.

I received this picture quite recently from Israel. Gisya found it in the archives of her deceased sister. It was a shock for me to receive this photo after so many years.

In Rovno we lived poorly at first, but then my father's stock broking business began to be successful.

He was able to buy a series of houses for his family. Eventually we lived in a big house with twelve rooms not including the kitchens.
We lived on the second floor in a three-room apartment and leased the other floors out as apartments for additional income.

We lived in that house until 1941 when the Russians forced us to reduce our living space, leaving us with only one room.

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