A memorial at the place, where Haya's parents died in the Holocaust

A memorial at the place, where Haya's parents died in the Holocaust

This monument was put in Rovno on November 4, 1990. It is a memorial at the place where our parents died in the Holocaust in 1941, when the war began.

First after 50 years the authorities in Western Ukraine allowed such a memorial to be built. All the former residents who survived in the tragedy gathered there, including me. Very many people came from all over the Soviet Union. My parents' names are also cut in this monument.

In 1957 I received the "clean" passport without any restrictions, and I could go wherever I wanted and live anywhere. I decided to go to Rovno. My husband could not go at that time. I went to Rovno alone.

I found some residents of our city who were able to escape the catastrophe. Those who survived in the Holocaust and in the war told me everything.

My parents and sister Bella were executed together with all the others. They were shot in the forest called "Sosyonki." It is near Rovno.

I was given shelter and I was allowed to stay a few days. I restored my pre-war labour experience records and left for Maklakovo mourning my parents. There were only elder sister Hava in Israel and younger brother

Aron left of my family. Then I began to correspond with acquaintances who lived in Rovno. Jewish communities started to be established there later. In a couple of years they had put a memorial in the place of execution.

Names of my parents and sister are cut in the stone there. I was invited to the inauguration of the memorial in Sosyonki in 1960. I have photos.

I survived only because I was serving my prison term in Stalin’s camps. It was the only chance to escape, and I lived until now. And I returned to Maklakovo, and lived there with my husband to 1959.

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