Rahela Perisic's parents Luna and David Albahari and her brother Moric

The picture was taken in 1945 in Sanski Most. First from the left is my mother Luna, my father David is seated, my brother Moric, the boy who is standing is Moric Albahari. The boy Moric Albahari lived in Prijedor with his mother Matilda. The Chetniks killed his father in 1942. At the beginning of 1945 Moric took seriously ill with some form of dysentery and his mother went to Banja Luka to buy medicine. That day there was a raid in Banja Luka and Moric's mother was captured and taken to Jasenovac where all traces of her are lost. Neighbors hid Moric in their homes until my sister Judita happened upon and brought him to Sanski Most to our parents house. Moric, who we called Moricka, lived with us until he married and started his own family.