Rahela Perisic's parents David and Luna Albahari and uncle Jakob Albahari with their children

The picture was taken in 1928 in Sanski Most. Members of Jakob and David Albahari's family are pictured. From left to right are: My sister Judita, next to her my cousin Flora Levi, next to her my sister Flora, my mother Luna, my uncle Jakob, his wife Rena and my father David. My uncle Jakob's children, Salonito, Rahela and Matilda are standing. Five of the people in this picture were killed during the Holocaust. They were: Salonito, Rahela, Matilda, Jakob and Rena. My mother Luna and her sister Rena married two brothers. My mother married David and Aunt Rena married Jakob Albahari. Our houses were next to each other. Our house had three rooms upstairs and on the ground floor there was a mixed goods store owned by my father and uncle. I remember that aunt Rena transformed her yard into a true flower garden where we all happily gathered. We all got along quite well and lived together as one family. Life in Sanski Most was hard. The store did not earn enough money and my father and uncle decided to leave Sanski Most. We moved to Lusci Palanka. In Palanka it did not go so well and quickly we moved to Drvar. The store began to make money and finally we were able to live well. Considering that in Palanka, and later in Drvar, we were the only Jewish family, my parents and us children went to Sanski Most for almost all the Jewish holidays to be with our relatives and dear friends. There we all went together to Temple. Uncle Jakob moved from Sanski Most with his family a little after we did. Uncle Jakob and aunt Rena moved to Banja Luka. They rented rooms in their house to students and that is how they supported their family. When my sister and I enrolled in the gymnasium in Banja Luka we lived with my uncle and aunt. My father helped them a lot financially.