The Albahari family's trip to Vogozdja

The picture was taken in 1970 in Vogozdja, a place near Sarajevo. The whole family came to visit our dear friend Avram Albahari. Pictured from left to right: Flora, my father David, next to him my mother Luna, and I am next to her. Above from left to right are Judita and our brother Moric. My parents were proud of each of their children because they all finished some form of higher education. My sister Judita finished agronomy and lived in Sarajevo. She married and had a daughter Tanja. My brother Moric finished forestry faculty and at the same time went to pilot school. He married a Jewish woman named Rahela Maestro. My father was very happy that there would be at least one heir. Rahela and Moric had a son who they named after our father. My sister Flora finished a commercial academy. My father died in 1973. My mother was in Sarajevo during the summers because we, her children, came there on our holidays. Those were wonderful days when the family gathered together. During the winters my mother would visit the three of us in Belgrade. She died in 1993.