Rahela Perisic camping with Zionist youth in Slovenia

Rahela Perisic camping with Zionist youth in Slovenia


The picture was taken in 1937 in Slovenia. I have already forgotten many of the names of those pictured. Second from the left is Eli from Zemun and I am next to him and next to me is Rena Atijas.

The Zionist youth of Yugoslavia organized a camping trip every year. Young people from all over Yugoslavia came on this camping trip. That is how we from Banja Luka, through our group, went on the camping trip. There I met a lot of wonderful young boys and girls from Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia. My favorites were the youth from Macedonia. They were the youngest and they spoke a mix of Serbian and Spanish.

We all got along well and it was not important who came from where. In our Kens (groups) we all learned Hebrew, Jewish history, dances, so that we always had a lot to talk about during the camping trips because we had the same interests. We frequently talked about the theme of racism. We were for equality of all people and there is no need to exploit anyone.

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