Peter Domonkos's commutation ticket picture

My brother, Peter Domonkos, is in this picture, which was taken for his commutation ticket in 1936, when he was 16 years old. We had commutation ticket at that time, because we moved out to the summer cottage in Rakoscsaba early in the summer, and we moved back late in the fall, and we went to school from there. He was in the 6th grade of the science secondary school, which can be seen from the 2 stripes on the cap. After the four classes of elementary school both my brother Peter and I went to an eight-grade science secondary school, to the Kemeny Zsigmond Science Secondary School. My brother, Peter was always one class ahead of me. But only one class, because he was born in November, and he lost a year. He was a very diligent student; he was a much better student than I was. This was a big advantage for me, because I got his used books, and moreover I could get a lot of help. He was an excellent mathematician, and I wasn't that good at that subject. When my brother Peter graduated from high school in 1938 the first anti-Jewish law was enforced immediately. As a consequence, however talented he was, university was out of the question. First they wanted to get him some kind of paperwork, but in that world with the anti-Jewish laws one couldn't get a decent job, and then they devised, not only our parents, but the other Jewish parents, too, that one should learn some kind of industrial trade. He became an apprentice at an electrical company, at the Neumann Company.

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