Anna Bolmanyi with her husband

In this picture you can see my sister Anna Bolmanyi and her husband, Ferenc Bolmanyi. The photo was taken in 1957. Anna married Ferenc Bolmanyi, an artist, in 1954. He was an excellent artist, originally a great portrait painter, and at the beginning he was getting on, even the royal British family ordered from him. Then in the Rakosi regime they didn't let him get on, partly because his non-figurative style was opposed to the socialist realism of that time, and partly because he was a very religious Jewish man. I don't know whether they got married in the synagogue or not, but I wasn't at their wedding. They didn't have any children. My sister didn't graduate from high school, but she learned to do paperwork well. She could typewrite and she knew stenography. Last she was an office worker at the Hungarian Advertisement Company.

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