Miksa Domonkos with his sons and second wife

The picture was probably taken in 1929, my brother Peter and I are eight and ten years old, respectively. You can see us here with my father, Miksa Domonkos, and his second wife, Stefania Domonkos. In 1925 my father remarried. The name of his second wife was Stefania Szabo. I don't know when she was born, because she kept that in secret. As far as I know they met through a newspaper ad. My stepmother was a widow at that time. Stefania Szabo didn't have any children from her first marriage, and in the second, they didn't want to have any. Her first husband was an offspring of the Herzl family, if I remember correctly, he was called Fulop Herzl. He got very rich on the stock market, and when the stock market in Budapest failed he committed suicide because of his losses. When they got married my stepmother still had some assets, she had an apartment house on O Street. Most likely it was her who put an ad in the paper, and that attracted the attention of my father, they got to know each other, and my father saw her wealth. The first story of the house on O Street was my stepmother's, she rented out the rest. This was a four of five-bedroom apartment with beautiful chandeliers. I remember the chandeliers, because my father took the two of us by the hand to introduce us to our mother-to-be, to see what her opinion was. We had to be very orderly. We got along with our stepmother very well, we never had any conflicts. She was a provider, she could care for the sick children superbly, and she took good care of us. We called her 'mother.' My father cared for us much less, his work called him off, too. I don't know what kind of education my stepmother had, but she was a housewife throughout.

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