Miksa Domonkos's tractor show

In this photo you can see my father presenting one of the machines of the Caterpillar Company, the high performance ?Twenty?, at the Budapest Cattle-Show in 1930. After my father graduated from the Commercial Academy he spent two years in Germany at a technical college. That's how he became entitled to be an artificer officer and to get a civil job. He spoke German perfectly, he was absolutely fluent and he was handsome, perhaps this also played a role in the fact that the Caterpillar made an arrangement with him to introduce the caterpillar tractors in Middle Europe, which was a great novelty at that time. And my father played an important role in the entire Middle European propagation. The contact with the Caterpillar company had stopped during World War I. Then the Americans were mistrustful, and they only returned at the beginning of the 1930s, but only so that they needed a company with capital. This was the Steyr Works from Austria. So my father's employer was the Austrian Steyr Works. My father started to deal with Caterpillar from 1930 on behalf of the Steyr Works. He held tractor presentations on large estates and agricultural fares. He always had a big public and he was always brilliant in front of them: he made a small hill, went up on it, turned around. Basically this machine had the same capabilities as a combat car only on a smaller scale.

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