Miksa Domonkos at a youth camp

I don't know on what occasion this picture was taken, I only know that it was after the liberation. In the picture my father, Miksa Domonkos, is either holding an activity at a Zionist youth camp, which was organized when the Fencing and Athletics Club was reopened, or he is speaking to the youth at the camp of a Jewish scout troop. After the liberation my father became a public figure, he was popular and he always had to go to these kind of activities. After the liberation my father remained at the Jewish community and he became the secretary general of the Jewish community. The general assembly elected him correctly. Jewish life started to revive, the provision and aid of the people who returned from the deportation had to be organized, they had to keep in touch with Joint, the Hungarian Red Cross, and the National Committee for the Treatment of Hungarian Jewish Deportees. These were all important organizational tasks. Besides these there were representative functions, where he had to be present. So he was the secretary general and above him was the president, Lajos Stockler. They were already on good terms in the ghetto. Stockler also got an apartment from Wallenberg in the same Swedish protected house on Katona Jozsef Street.

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