Pal and Erno Friedmann with their cousin, the mother of Ferenc Pap

The youngest, with the ribbon, is my mother - Vera Pap, nee Klein -, with her two cousins. The boys were called Friedmann in their childhood. The younger, who died recently at ninety-something years old, was called Pal. He Magyarized his last name to Foti. Pali worked in the Ministry of Public Supply in Budapest as a so-called goose-liver specialist, and he arranged the importation of goose-liver conserves to Hungary, mainly from France, and he was responsible for their sales too. He has a child from his second marriage, my niece, whose husband is a doctor. They live in Budapest. The older boy, Erno, died in the 1970s. Erno went out to South America, I guess to Argentina, and Magyarized his name to Fuleki in bygone days. They say he was a very rich man. Their mother was a sister of my grandmother. Ischl [where the photo was taken] was a well-known and fashionable thermal bath in Austria, which was frequented by wealthy people. My mother came to Budapest when she was very little, 2 years old, together with my grandmother. My grandmother, whose husband, my grandfather, was already dead by that time, got a job at her brother-in-law's factory. He, the factory owner, was the father of these two boys [in the picture]; he was called Arnold Friedmann.

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Ferenc Pap