Ferenc Pap's father Laszlo Pap

My father must have graduated high school in 1924, I think, and then the auntie [his mother's sister] from Vienna undertook his education. My father would have liked to be a doctor, but there wasn't enough money for that, so he finished a one-year course in Vienna: the shortened, one-year course of an academy of commerce. That academy still exists; it is called the World Trade Academy. [Then father moved to Temesvar, because he got a job there. He also met his wife, Ferenc's mother there.] They got married in 1930. My father was transferred from his post in Temesvar to Bucharest, and they lived there for a while. From there they went to Kolozsvar, before my birth, sometime between 1931 and 1934. This photo must have been taken in the '30s already. My father did gymnastics and played football. He practised them both in Temesvar and Kolozsvar. There was a sports club here in Kolozsvar called KKSE, which was the so-called sports association of private clerks. My father was in the gymnastics discipline but he didn't participate in championships. He swam very well. I know that he liked to swim, even in his old age.

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