Ferenc Pap's father Laszlo Pap

My father was born in Kassa, two years after his sister, [Ibolya Pap]. Three or four years after that, they went to Szolnok from there [where his younger sister, Klara Pap was born]. And then the events of 1918-1919 intervened: the end of World War I. and the so-called Soviet revolution [the Hungarian Soviet Republic]. After a short time they came to Budapest. When the whole thing collapsed they went illegally to her [the grandmother?s] wealthy sister in Vienna. My father had a rather eventful youth, because he (and his two sisters as well) went to Vienna with his parents in 1919. At that time, after World War I. there was a program that sent many of the children of the so-called defeated countries - and Hungary was a defeated country - abroad to 'be fed up'. That's how my father and my younger aunt got to London for a year. They attended school there. This period lasted about a year, sometime around 1920. My grandfather sent from Vienna all kinds of CV's and self-recommendations, and the Jewish high school of Temesvar [today: Timisoara, Romania] accepted his application. That's how they got to Timisoara in 1920 or 1921. My father was 10 years old here; this picture was probably taken in Temesvar. I have no idea in which studio this picture was taken.

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