Memorial to Holocaust victims in Radvanice

This is a photograph of a memorial to victims of Nazi persecution in Radvanice during the years 1939 to 1945. My father is also recorded here (on the photograph under the name Tieberger) along with his wife and two sons. When, after my arrival in Prague in 1945 I found accomodations at the YMCA, I next went to the Jewish Community. There I found out that my entire family had died. About my father I knew. My mother died in 1942 in Maly Trostinec in Belarus. As far as my brothers are concerned, I had suspected that they didn't survive, being deaf-mute. And they really did die in a euthanasia institute in Kromeriz. Grandma Rauchbergerova and Grandpa died in 1942 in either the Treblinka or Majdanek concentration camp. The only one to survive was Uncle Arnold, who due to being unemployed left at the end of the 1920s for the Heftzi-Ba kibbutz in Palestine, later Israel. He worked there as a shoemaker and raised chickens. I myself never left for Israel. Most likely because I wasn't educated and neither did I have a trade, and instead I studied.