Artur Radvansky's grandson Pavel Sterec

The dark-haired boy in the photograph is my grandson Pavel, the son of my daughter Anna and her husband Jarda Sterec. My daughter Anna graduated in chemistry from ICT in Prague, like me, and today works as a chemist in the laboratory at Motol Hospital. She and her husband live about 800 steps away from me. Anne's husband is named Jarda Sterec, and is of Jewish origin. Anna and Jarda have two children together - Eva and Pavel. Eva is studying medicine in Prague and my grandson Pavel stage design and direction at the Academy of Theater in Brno. My daughter is a member of the Jewish Community in Prague and also sings Hebrew songs with the Mispach choir. She is leading her children to Judaism as well. This especially had a big influence on Pavel. In the beginning he really was very devout, so there were even times when he regularly attended the synagogue and ate kosher. He was also interested in my reminiscences from the concentration camps. This religious 'shock' of his is subsiding, but he still doesn't eat pork and goes to the synagogue. We try to celebrate Jewish holidays all together. We gather mainly at Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. We celebrate either at Anna's or at my and Alzbeta's place, a co-op apartment in Suchdol, which we have not far from the children. I have to drive Alzbeta to Anna's by car, because she's got bent legs and can't straighten them. Our grandchildren also take part in all the events put on by the Prague Jewish community for young people. Besides that I also tell them about my wartime experiences.