Artur Radvansky's wedding photo

This is a wedding photo of me and my wife Alzbeta Thüebergerova, later Radvanska, nee Kürtiova. It was taken in 1946 in Prague. I met my future wife in Auschwitz. In the camp she worked for the Gestapo as a typist during interrogations. The boss of that department was some Viennese that called himself a doctor. Whether he really was one, I don't know. The fact that he used to shoot people in front of her during interrogations had a severe impact on Alzbeta's psyche. I used to see Alzbeta when they walked by the infirmary on their way to the Gestapo. But first I met her cousin, Klara Weiss. She also worked for the Gestapo, but only manual labor. When she did laundry for the SS, she used to go for hot water. She'd always come and say she needed it, and we'd prepare it for her. When she came with a member of the SS, we'd bribe him, usually with margarine and bread, to make sure he didn't see anything. Sister Maria would have prepared some food for the girls, so Klara would bring the girls a hamper. In 1946 my friend Emil, whom I knew from Auschwitz, came to visit me. In Auschwitz he had fallen in love with Klarka, Alzbeta's cousin. It was this long-distance love affair, because they couldn't see each other, as it was forbidden, and they only met up once in a while by chance. After the war Klarka lived with Alzbeta on Italska Street in Prague. Emil told me to come along with him to visit them. So I went. There were four girls there in all: Klarka, a friend of hers from Auschwitz, another girlfriend, who had hidden herself with some nuns at a convent, and Alzbeta. As luck would have it, she was in bed with the flu at the time. But by Sunday she was feeling better, so I talked to her and we decided to go dancing in Barrandov on Sunday. And at the dance we decided to get married. She then introduced me to her brother Laszlo. We were married in 1946 in the Old New Synagogue.