Artur Radvansky with Misha Vidlakova

This photo of me and my girlfriend Misha (Michaela) Vidlakova was taken by a friend of ours during a visit to Israel. I don't remember the exact date any longer, but it must have been after the year 1989, because before that we didn't have the possibility of traveling to Israel. My relationship with the state of Israel is very sympathetic. I know that if worst comes to worst, I've got someplace to go. As far as Israeli defense policy goes, I think that it's mainly a result of Arab pressure. I personally feel sad when someone kills Jewish or Arab children, because you can't live with permanently bloodied eyes. I'd be very happy if things in this region were finally resolved and my Israeli friends say this as well. I very much regretted the break in diplomatic relations between Israel and the CSSR in 1967, because my uncle Arnold lived in Israel. In 1970 he came to visit us in Bohemia for a month, and a year later he died in Israel. From that time on, when I go to Israel, I go to light a candle at his grave in the Heftzi-Ba kibbutz. I've been to Israel several times. Misha Vidlakova and I always first drop anchor at Tivon at her family friends', where we borrow a car and drive around to see the sights, friends and my uncle's grave. Misha Vidlakova and I had known each other since the 1950s. In 1956 my wife Alzbeta fell ill, and in 1957 she told me that she didn't want to live with me any longer. We did live together for another two years, but finally it was no longer possible to endure. Back then I had a choice. Either divorce Alzbeta, which I didn't want, or keep on like up to now. In the end I stayed with her, and eventually met and got together with Misha, with whom I'm 'friends' to this day.