Medi Schwartz'a wedding at the Dohany Street synagogue

This picture was taken at the Dohany Street synagogue in Budapest in 1938. The bride is Medi Schwartz, who is Eszti's daughter. My mother had four step siblings [or rather half-siblings], Eszter was one of them. It was a big wedding, all the relatives were there. My mother dreamed of such a wedding for me, too, but nothing came of it, because my husband was raised a Catholic. We didn't get married at the synagogue. My aunt Eszti is standing behind the bridesmaid on the left, in a white coat. I am the bridesmaid on the right. I also recognize Peter Gyorffy in the picture, who was the husband of my mother's sister Hermina. He is the fourth from the left in the back row, wearing a hat. Medi's husband was deported, he never came back.