The Endrei brothers

In this picture you can see my husband, Istvan Endrei and his brother, Imre. My husband is the one who is sitting. They are wearing Tyrolian clothes, which were in fashion at that time. The picture was taken in Debrecen in 1921. My husband was born in Budapest in 1914, but he lived in Debrecen with his parents. He was of Jewish origin but he was raised as a Roman Catholic. His father magyarized his name from Edelstein, my husband was already Endrei. Imre Endrei was a clerk here in Budapest. They lived on Nagykorut, opposite the Nyugati railway station. He didn't have any children, just a wife. I know about them that everyone in the family was a teacher. His wife was also a teacher. Imre fell sick and his wife made him work, and she had to pay dearly for it: Imre died of pneumonia. My husband moved from Debrecen to Budapest quite early, where one of his uncles took care of him. The uncle's last name was Foldes, his wife Etel was the sister of my husband's father. They wanted to adopt my husband, but his parents didn't let them. They treated him as if he was their child. They had a sick child, but he was in a mental institution. They loved my husband very much. They cared very much for him.