Hedvig Endrei with her father and brother at the International Fair in Budapest

This is my father, Alfred Weisz, on the left, I am in the center, and on my right is my brother, Karoly Vajda. The photo was taken at the International Fair in Budapest in the 1930s. They organized every year at some point the so-called International Fair, here in Budapest. I remember that my father and my brother and I went there every year. I remember that I was already a grown-up, about 20-25 years old, and we still went there. Until the beginning of 1940 we did for sure. I'm not sure whether I used to go as a child too, or not, but since I was a teenager I sure did. We went to the fair every year, because we had friends through my father and the comforter shop of my mother's brother, who had stalls there. We always went to see them. I remember that advertising leaflets were handed out. Many people collected those at that time, I did too. I didn't collect napkins or buttons, but advertising leaflets. For example the framer Hoffmann, who was here on Karoly Boulevard and was my father's customer, was always here too. He always gave me a small mirror, comb or pen. It was fun for me to collect these. I exchanged them with my friends, and we discussed what everyone got. If I didn't go for some reason, my father brought me all kinds of advertisement gadgets.