Albert Weisz

You can see my father, Albert Weisz, here. The picture was taken in Budapest, by a photographer called Rivoli. I don't know when it was taken. My father was born around 1885 and died at the age of 85, in the 1970s. He learned the picture framer's trade in Vienna. His parents must have sent him to Vienna. He had a framing shop on Brody Sandor Street, close to the Museum Garden. This shop was closed for a long time, for a couple years perhaps, because it didn't really prosper. I don't remember exactly when he opened it, probably around 1930. I remember that there were frames in the shop window; one could see from that what kind of shop it was. I don't know whether his colleagues were Jewish or not. This framing business lasted for about two-three years, I think. My father learned accounting at a very young age. I don't know where. He dealt with the tax return and everything related to accounting in all the shops of the family when he was young. The framing business was rather an attempt. My father wanted to have more things to depend on, that's why he opened a shop, because he had the qualification for that. He did the accounting of the framing shop too, but there he actively took part in the physical work too. He started accounting much earlier. I remember that my father had done accounting before he opened the shop. I remember that he kept accounts for a merchant called Mor Hahn, who had a hardware store on Ulloi Avenue.