Manci Gaspar


This is picture with people on a sledge, I don't know them surely. The knotted woman with a scarf looks like Manci, but I can't recognize Laci Gaspar, my husband's elder brother… he is probably the one in the back. Manci, Laci's second wife, was originally from Hungary. It is possible that she brought this picture from Hungary. They were somewhere on a trip. This is not Nagyvarad, based on the houses in the back I would say it's some village. These are probably some friends, because Manci had no relatives.

Laci Gaspar, my husband's elder brother has not been deported, because he, for the sake of his wife, converted to Christianity and he wasn't taken away because he wore the white armband. [Editor's note: The white armband was worn by the Christians of Jewish origins, that is the ones who converted, and whom, according to the anti-Jewish laws in force were considered Jews. They have been deported to forced labor units for Christians.] His first wife and their daughter were deported, though, and they never came back.

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