Greeting card from Marienbad

This is not one of my photos. I have it from my husband Andras Gaspar, Andris, but I don't know who are the people in it. They are probably some relatives of my husband. He had more photos about his family than me. It is from an old album, he used to collect photos. We moved many times, but my husband used to say we should bring the photos with us to prevent them from being thrown away. There are many photos I don't know anything about, but I kept them anyway.

On the greeting card there's a Franz Joseph seal. It was sent in 1916 from Marienbad, a large spa. On the greeting card it's written: 'Kisses from Sandor, Rezsin, Manci and Klari.' It is dated 25 July. It was addressed to Ungvar to Mr. Reizmann Sr.