First form of middle school in 1913

First form of middle school in 1913


In this picture these are some Jewish children, because they wear hats. It says: 'First class of middle school 1913/14" - we weren't born yet, neither my husband Andris nor me! Probably someone who is in the picture sent it to my husband. On the back of the picture it is written: 'From left to right 1st.' that is in the first row, and Gaspar is underlined… so probably it was some Gaspar there. I think it was the one sitting down. On the lower part it is written 'On the occasion of the trip to the Pokol lake on 1st May 1914, taken by Bono Mahalcsik, headmaster' [Editor's note: The place in question, the Pokol lake, is probably a local name, because we were unable to locate it].

[Editor's note: It is very probable that the photo is a class photo of Andras Gaspar's borother, Laszlo Gaspar in the first form, because he was born in 1903 and in this year he became a first form pupil in the middle school.]

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