Lily Arouch with her sisters Roza Asser and Deniz Beraha

Lily Arouch with her sisters Roza Asser and Deniz Beraha


This picture was taken on 26th October 1948 in Athens.

It was taken in a studio as you can see from the logo at the bottom right corner. It is a picture of me and my sisters Roza Asser (on the left) and Deniz Beraha (on the right).

After the war my family moved to Athens. As soon as we arrived from Thessalonica in 1945, my father's old colleagues in Athens helped him substantially; they gave him the means to start sending merchandise back to Thessalonica.

One of the colleagues he had back in Thessalonica had come back from the concentration camps and had opened a shop so they could work together one in Athens importing and the other in Thessalonica selling.

My sisters carried on with school, life carried on normally and naturally. Unfortunately I came out of the occupation with a health problem; I had a hard time for a very long time.

When my health got better around 1950, I started working at my father's office in Athens and that is where I retired. I had to stop working because of health reasons.

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