Gastone and Dina Beraha with relatives

Gastone and Dina Beraha with relatives

This is a family picture taken in 1938 in Thessalonica.

This picture was taken when Gastone, my mother’s brother, came to visit us with his new wife, Dina Cuenca-Beraha.

In this picture you can also see my mother and father, Eugenie and Haim Pardo, me and my sister Roza as well as aunt Laura and David Haguel with their son Vico.Gastone had brought his new wife to introduce her to his sisters, Eugenie and Laura.

When my mother and her sister got married, Gastone invited their mother to join him abroad.

In 1939 Gastone had already moved to Paris and had been married for a year. His wife was expecting a baby and wanted to go back to Cairo, to her mother, to give birth.

Gastone sent his mother back to Thessalonica to stay with his sister Laura. Gastone and his wife left for Cairo where they ended up spending the entire period of the war and had two children: Deniz, who was born in 1940 and Mony, born in 1944.

The family returned to France in 1948 and Gastone managed to establish himself as a pharmaceuticals merchant. He lived all his life in Paris.

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