Lea and David Pardo

Lea and David Pardo


Here you can see my grandparents, Lea Pardo (nee Kamhi) and David Pardo, my father's parents.

This picture was probably taken sometime between 1925-1928 in Thessalonica.

I believe it was taken in a photo lab. Back then the photo labs had different backgrounds for pictures.

My grandparents had five children, my father Haim, Buena, Vida, Ester and Racel.

Lea was a very traditional woman, she didn't go out much, she wore her traditional headscarf and she only spoke Spanish, even though they all moved to Thessalonica around 1914-1916.

She wasn't very talkative but she was very active within her household, she took very good care of us and was very important in our house.

My grandmother didn't have much of a relationship with the neighbors but she was always waiting for Saturday when her daughters and grandchildren would visit; visitors were always a cause for celebration in the house.

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