Judita Sendrei's grade report in secondary school

This is my 1944 sixth grade report card from secondary school in Subotica. . When I graduated from primary school, I went to gymnasium for three years. In 1941 when the Hungarians came, my father, through some connections, succeeded in enabling me to stay in school even though a recently enacted law only allowed a small percent of Jews to continue going to school. In the school there were teachers who came from Hungary, and in most cases they were anti-Semites. They noticeably lowered the Jewish children's grades. Our friends in our grade would make fun of us. The Catholic priest, Ciprus, treated the Jewish children the best. During religion lessons, Jewish children were forced to go outside regardless of the weather conditions. But Priest Ciprus allowed us to remain in the classroom if it was cold outside. Private Jewish religion classes were taught well and in detail by Professor Vadnaj. In addition to Jewish history, he also taught us to write and read Hebrew. On March 19, 1944 the Germans arrived and I had to start going to school wearing a yellow star. In April I stopped going to school. My father convened a family assembly and asked his closest relatives if they wanted to try and save their lives by converting to Catholicism. I was the most vocal with my answer. I said that it was not even a consideration: 'Never! I will remain a Jew until the end.'