Judita Sendrei in the Hashomer Hazair group

This photo was taken in 1938 in the yard of the Subotica synagogue. Pictured are members of the Hashomer Hazair group. I am in the third row from the bottom above the girl who is holding a block with a sign. During the monarchy, there were many Zionist organizations in my country. Especially active was the Women's Society which held various meetings, and organized games. B'nai Brit also functioned and young people participated in Hashomer Hazair or as they called it the 'Ken.' The moment the Hungarians entered Subotica, we could no longer gather in the Ken. This was when the president of the Jewish community was Dr. Zoltan Loran. My friend Alisa Francuska and I suggested that we get some wool and that we knit winter things for those people who had been taken into forced labor. This knitting usually was arranged around a lecture on culture.