Judita and Pavel Sendrei's wedding in the Subotica synagogue

The photo was taken on August 31, 1947 in the big synagogue in Subotica. Rabbi Gersan and Cantor Edelstajn presided at the marriage ceremony uniting me, Judita Sendrei (maiden name - Bruck) to Pavel Sendrei. When we were liberated from the work camp in Austria, we went to Bratislava. While filling out a form at the repatriation office for registration I came across the young Pavel Sendrei. When he heard my last name he asked me if we had relatives in Pecuj and it turned out that we were some sort of relatives, but not by blood. I was always hungry and Pavel took me for meals whenever he could, sometimes even three times a day. So that my father could in some way repay him, my father would invite him to Subotica whenever time permitted. Pavel came to visit my family in 1946, and in May 1947 he and I married.