Grade book of Judita Sendrei's mother, Magda Nemenyi

This is my mother's grade book from the elementary school she attended in Subotica. The photo was taken in 1914. At that time Subotica belonged to Hungary, and so her classes in the Jewish school were conducted in Hungarian. My mother, Magda Bruck (maiden name - Nemenyi) was born in Pancevo on August 18, 1905 and died in Subotica on February 1, 1977. She came from a rather well off family. She met her future husband when she was very young. My father was already a student, and there was a 15 year age difference between them. After attending primary school and four years of secondary school, she was sent by her parents to a boarding school in Vienna for future housewives, with the hope that this would distance her from Matija. But this did not prevent the sweethearts from seeing one another. Whenever Matija was passing through, he would visit her at the dormitory, presenting himself as her uncle. Their love culminated in their marriage in 1926 in the Subotica synagogue.