Josip’s son Bojan’s birthday

Photo of  my wife Ljiljana, my son Bojan and me. The picture was taken on Bojan’s first birthday. I like to take pictures. It is also a memory of little Bojan. I still make a lot of photos.

In '49 I married. When I married Ljiljana, no one in my family complained that she was not a Jew. In '51 our son Bojan was born, and in '54 our daughter Vedrana was born. I do not mix in the life of my children. I speak only when they ask for my opinion. I have good relations with my entire family. A long time ago, my father told me that the school of life is very expensive and a fly cannot enter a closed mouth. 

My son, Bojan, is not connected to the community but has a lot of Jewish friends.