Josip’s parents at the balcony of their house in Makarska

Photo of my parents Abram and Rifka Papo, Makarska 1955, at the balcony of our house. Our house was on the riva, so if some of relatives or friends came to Makarska, they would stay with us. Those guests always took pictures for the memories of my parents and  would send themt to us. 

We changed apartments in Makarska three times. The first time to Marineta, the next time we moved to an apartment on the seafront with big rooms and finally in a three room apartment with an attic on the main street. The furniture was modern. In a separate house there was a workroom. Mother had a prayerbook in the house. My father prayed when he woke up. At home my mother took care to make food that was characteristic of the holidays, which she learned to make growing up in Sarajevo.