Josip’s parents wedding

Josip’s parents wedding

Wedding of my parents Rifka Levi and Albert Papo in Sarajevo on June 26, 1919. 

Sitting row, from left: Hajim Levi, my mother’s brother, Bojna Levi, my grandmother, my mother, my father, Sturlaca Papo, and Moshe Papo, grandfather’s brother.

Standing row, from left: Klara Almuzlino, my mother’s sister, Isidor Levi, mother’s cousin, Safira Papo, father’s sister, Albert Papo, father’s brother, Bukas Finci (nee Papo), David Finci, Rena Papo, Jakov Papo, Anula Levi ,mother’s sister, David Papo.

Some of  the clothes are interesting, as they are traditional: My mother is wearing a cap tocado without coins, as she was a widow. Sturlaca Papo is wearing a tocado with coins, as she was married. Men are wearing dark caps as Muslims wore red caps.

The closest family came to the wedding, my parents’ brothers and sisters. Next to my grandmother Hajim the oldest son is sitting. On my father's side his brother is sitting as his parents were not alive. Bojna Levi, who is the main person on the photo, is sitting next to my mother. She doesn't wear coins over her cap tokado, as she was a widow. 

My father and mother met each other in Sarajevo. Jewish women in Sarajevo went to dances. My paternal grandmother instructed my father, when he went to the dances and when he shakes hands with a girl to touch the palm of her hand. If her hand is smooth she is lazy. If he sees calluses, it is rough, a worn hand - then she is a hard working woman. That is how the love between my parents began. 

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