Josip at work

Photo of me at work, Belgrade 1959. At that time I was working in the National Security. In our office we had a lot of cameras, and we often took  pictures. My job is still a secret as I signed that I would not talk about it. 

In '48 I came to Belgrade with my sister and her husband. We shared an apartment with Ljiljana, my wife's mother and father. It was their apartment. We had two rooms and they had three. At that time little Blanka was born. In '49 I married, in '51 our son Bojan was born, and in '54 our daughter Vedrana was born. At that time I enrolled in the law school. I passed Latin and the other tests that I did not have in the secondary school and I began to study law. I graduated three and a half years later. I continued to work in the state police. However at this time the Rankovic affair surfaced (then a high level functionary in the Communist Party), so that I could easily lose my job. I decided to pass the state test and I began working at the court, first registering cases and mail and I listened to cases. I spent 9 months at the court. In '68 I retired in January and in June I passed the bar exam. I began working as a lawyer and after a few months I started to work for the "Dunav" insurance company. I left this company when I understood that the work was not entirely honest. You know, before the war we were all raised in the spirit of honesty. In '82 I retired again.